DE89L Jagger_Chrome Lined

DE89L Jagger_Chrome Lined

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Brand: Edwin Jagger

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DE89L Jagger_Chrome Lined Double Edge Razor 7916

All Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razors have a completely new 2 part head fixture that took Neil Jagger over six months to design before allowing the Edwin Jagger name to be stamped into the metal collar just below the blade fittings. The head fixtures on these double edge razors are not the same as the Merkur heads found on most all of the other quality double edge razors. They've proven to be very smooth shavers.

These Edwin Jagger Safety Razors are handcrafted and go through a special hard chrome process that is a beautiful and distinct "blue chrome" used by Rolls Royce. The chrome is truly distinctive when compared to the normal chrome we're all used to seeing. All Edwin Jagger razors and shaving brushes have superior fit, finish and quality not found in other brands.

The DE89L Lined Chrome Safety Razor handle is a half inch longer than a Merkur Classic Razor. The weight, at 2.5 oz., is right in the middle between the Merkur HD 34C and the Merkur Regular Classic.

The head design of this safety razor is with a straight bar that keeps the blade slightly off they skin for a very comfortable but close shave and from all reports shaves like a dream, but we'd appreciate reviews from buyers of this new double edge safety razor. Each razor is tissue wrapped and boxed.

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