AS-D1 Feather DE Razor Blades

AS-D1 Feather DE Razor Blades

Price: $6.00

Brand: Feather

SKU: 6201


The Feather Safety Razor Co. employs only the best, state-of-the-art technology at every step of the manufacturing process, from selecting only the highest grade stainless steels, to the blade shaping and grinding, all the way through to the edge polishing and final inspection. High Quality is the hallmark of Feather Blades. They've built their reputation on assuring it.

These "Hi Stainless Platinum" Double Edge razor blades are unsurpassed in their edge holding ability and shaving comfort. Typically a single blade can deliver 8-12 close, comfortable shaves.

Made to fit any standard Double-Edge razor, these blades will improve the shaving performance of any razor they are used in.

Blades are individually wrapped in air-tight paraffin coated paper and packed in hermetically sealed dispensers to assure long shelf life, even in high humidity.

10 blades per pack


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