3594 Boker Razolution Zebrano Wood Handle

3594 Boker Razolution Zebrano Wood Handle

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3594  Boker  # 04B0143 Razolution, Zebrano Wood Handle, 4-Edge Double Blade, 1.5"

This innovative safety razor offers a 4-edge double blade design and a patented double edge technology. The blades are contoured at a precise angle to deliver a perfect and smooth shave. The razor head is made of solid metal, is chrome plated, and automatically adjusts the blades. The Zebrano Wood ergonomically designed handle is 4 inches long, and is available in a variety of materials. These razors are tested and approved by the National Institute for Cutting Tools and are 100% German manufactured. Each model comes with a set of 10 extra blades.


  • Blade Length: 1.5 inch
  • Overall Length: 4 inch
  • Blade Style: Safety Razor
  • Blade Material: Solid Metal, Chrome Plated
  • Handle Material: Zebrano Wood
  • Weight: 70 g  or  2-1/2 oz.

Features: 4-Edge Double Blade, Automatically Adjusts Blade, 10 Extra Blades

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