We service and repair Andis, Oster and Wahl Clippers. We are an Authorized Service Center for Andis Clippers. You can call us with your questions and we can give you an estimate on the repair, but we can not give you exact quote on the repair without seeing the clipper


The Shaver shop has been servicing and repairing shavers since 1954. The repair business is changing as the manufacturers now have limited repair stations for warranty repairs and are not supplying repair parts other than shaver heads and cords... This is making repairs on electric shavers almost impossible. There are after market repair parts available but we are not comfortable using these parts and we can not stand behind them. This has been a difficult change for us as this was a huge portion of our business and a great service for our customers.

You can call us for availability of repairs on your shaver and we will help as much as possible.

Phone:    310-370-3373

Toll Free: 877- 774-2837

To request Clipper service, just print  the form below, fill in the questions, and mail us, by insured mail, your clipper along with the form. We will contact you with an estimate for the repairs that are needed. Or you can simply fill out one of the questionnaire forms below and we will give you an estimate. 

Unfortunately, we cannot give you an exact quote without first seeing the clipper, but we will give you our best estimate for the problem. A shipping charge will be applied for all clippers to be returned

We offer clipper repair to bring your old but faithful clippers back to life. Our clipper repair service has been going strong for over 50 years, so if you are in need of clipper repair let us show you what we can do!